Welcome to the Keilor Plains Native Plants Group

We are one of the district groups of Australian Plants Society Victoria (APSVIC), which is a Member Society of Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) (ANPSA).
Our members live in the Western Plains of Melbourne and surrounding area, but we welcome anyone interested in local Australian indigenous flora (and Australian native flora in general) to come to our monthly meeting, or to become a member. For more information about the group, go to About Us page.


If you are interested in joining the group, go to Membership Info page. We can also be found in Facebook and MeetUp.

NatureShare is an information sharing website which collects observations of remnant and self-sustaining flora/fauna in Victoria (but not plants in revegetation areas, garden plants or pets).
We are one of the groups that supported the creation of this website, and our members regularly contribute to its observation database.

In 2012, we published second edition of the book 'Plants of Melbourne's Western Plains - A Gardener's Guide to the Original Flora'


Monthly Meeting

Date: August 4th, 2017 at 7:45 PM

“Growing Australian Plants”
Phil Vaughan

(Vaughans Australian Plants Pomonal)

Venue: Main Hall, Raleigh Road Activity Centre (ex RSL Club)

Address: 54 Raleigh Road, Maribyrnong Vic 3032

Melway Map 28 Ref B8
GPS Coordinate: -37.76900,144.89470

Next Meeting: September 1st, 2017
“Plants of the Great South West”
by Kevin Sparrow (APS Warrnambool & District)

Phil Vaughan lives in Pomonal in the Grampians. He has been propagating/grafting rare and unusual Australian Flora for more than 20 years and very successful in grafting many rare Western Australian Flora so they can be grown in Victoria.

He opened an Australian Native Nursery in Pomonal, then moved to Curlewis in Bellarine Peninsula where he opened Vaughan's Australian Plants nursery. After closing the nursery, he moved back to Pomonal and continued his passion in propagating rare Australian Flora.

At our August meeting, he will bring a selection of plants for sale.

For visitors, please contact our secretary for more information.



For information on upcoming events (District Group Plant Sale, Seminar and other events), this link will take you to Event Calendar in APS-Victoria Web site.

News and Events from Keilor Plains Group
(For future events go to Speaker/Event list)


August 4th:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker: Phil Vaughan
Topic:“Growing Australian Plants”
July 7th:
APS Keilor Plains Annual General Meeting, followed by
Guest Speaker: Nicky Zanen
Topic: “TBA”
June 2nd:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker: Sally Lambourne
Topic: “Weeds of Victoria’s Central Highlands”
May 5th:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker:Greg Moore
Topic: “Strategic tree selection for climate change”
April 7th:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
"Australian Native Plants Auction"
March 3rd:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker; Trevor Blake
Topic: “Desert Discovery”
February 3rd:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker; Royce Raleigh
Topic: "Lesser Known Plants for the Garden"


December 2nd:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Members' Short Presentation
November 4:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker: Dean Nicolle from Currency Creek Arboretum
Topic: "Eucalypts"
October 15:
APS Keilor Plains Saturday Trip to Brisbane Ranges. Meet at Maddingley Park, Bacchus Marsh at 10 AM.
October 7:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Topic: "Spring Plant Table"
September 9:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Topic: "Wilds of Westernport Bay"
August 5:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker: Chris Nicholson from Royal Park.
Topic: "The Native Garden - Royal Park"
July 9:
APS Keilor Plains Day Trip to Dandenong Ranges area.
July 1:
Result from AGM:
Chris Clarke is the new president of the group, and Yvonne Bischofberger the new Vice President.
July 1:
APS Keilor Plains Annual General Meeting, followed by presentation from Yvonne Bischofberger: "Newell's Paddock Urban Nature Reserve"
June 3:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker: Louise Pelle from Rushworth
Topic: "Garden Design with Indigenous Plants"
Apr 29:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker: A B Bishop from Bends of Islands
Topic: "Australian Native Garden - A Practical Guide"
Apr 1:
Australian Native Plants Auction
Mar 4:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Speaker: Jason Caruso and Neil Duncan.
Topic: "Growing Australian plants in Containers"
Feb 5:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker: Dean Ingwersen from Birdlife Australia
Topic: "Relationship between Specific Plants and Birds"
Jan 22 - 26:
APS Keilor Plains Alpine trip to Mt Baw Baw.

Useful Links for identifying Australian Flora:

Vic Flora On-Line
KeyBase of Flowering plants of Australia
Wattle On-Line
Fungi Down Under On-Line

Upcoming Guest Speakers at our monthly meeting:
September:Kevin Sparrow (APS Warrnambool & District)
“Plants of the Great South West”
October:Rhys Freeman (member of Prom Country Bushfoods Association)
“Growing Australian Native Edible Plants”
November:Spring Plant Table, No Guest Speaker.
December:No Guest Speaker.

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Plants from Melbourne's Western Plains (tree/shrub, aquatic plant, grass and wildflower/low shrub)
(Photos from NatureShare.)

Hover over the picture for more information.

Callitris glaucophylla
Callitris glaucophylla
Synonym:Callitris columellaris
White Cypress Pine
Photo: (CC BY 2.5 AU) David Francis

A very slow-growing, erect tree (H 8—12m, W 5—10m). Dense blue-green foliage. Prefers dry, well- drained soils.
Does well on rocky escarpments on basalt or sedimentary soils. An extremely ornamental species, adorned with rounded seed cones in summer. The timber is termite and rot resistant. Now rare south of the Great Dividing Range.

Aquatic/Swamp Plants
Carex appressa
Carex appressa
Tall Sedge
Photo: (CC BY 2.5 AU) Chris Lindorff

Forms a rounded, dome-shaped tussock (H 1m, Spreading). Its sharply serrated leaf edges can be hazardous. Prefers high moisture levels and is very common in areas of higher rainfall, such as the upper reaches of the Maribrynong Catchment. Leaves used by Aborigines in basket weaving.

Rytidosperma geniculatum
Rytidosperma geniculatum
Kneed Wallaby-Grass
Photo: (CC BY 2.5 AU) David Francis

A very decorative small tussock (H 15—20cm, stems 20—50cm) with fine, green leaves and dense, compact growth habit. Numerous, buff-coloured flowerheads in spring and summer.
Suitable for rockeries, containers, wildflower gardens and in lawns. Prefers full sun or light shade..

Xerochrysum viscosum
Xerochrysum viscosum
Sticky Everlasting
Photo: (CC BY 2.5 AU) Kevin Sparrow

An attractive everlasting daisy (H 60cm, W 30cm) with showy, bright-yellow papery flowers, mostly in spring and summer. Long, narrow, dark green leaves are sticky to touch. Prune hard in autumn to promote a bushy habit and to help extend the life of this otherwise short-lived plant. Prefers an open sunny position and well-drained soil. Tolerates some shade but not poor drainage. Responds to watering during dry periods. Spectacular planted in drifts under Yellow Gum, especially with Wahlenbergia species. Lovely as a cut flower or in dried flower arrangements.

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