Linley McGlashan

I joined APSKP because of my love of the natural environment and especially my interest in wildflowers. This interest has been kindled by our 42h ‘bush block’ in the Victoria Valley of the Grampians; a haven for wild-flowers, birds and wildlife. We call it Panyyabyr: an Aboriginal and local parish name meaning “Place of much talking”. I enjoy plant photography and so far I have photographed and identified over 110 different wildflowers flower on our Grampians block. The special reward each visit is a ‘new’flower. I am a beginner in plant identification, but enjoy the challenge.

My husband Roger is a keen ’birder’, and this seems to work in well with my preference for plants (which stay still while you study them and have a good chance of being found in the same spot each year! )

In addition to ASPKP, Roger and I are members of Riddells Creek Landcare and are committee members of Friends of Holden Flora Reserve (a Parks Victoria reserve along Jacksons Creek in Sunbury). We are enjoying the challenge of helping to restore this wonderful environmental asset.

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