Plant of Melbourne's Western Plains

A gardener's guide to the original flora - 2nd edition.


1. Introduction

8about this book
10the Western Plains of Melbourne
12natural history
16geology of the Western Plains
20wetlands, bogs and ponds
24orchids of the Western Plains
26indigenous people on the Western Plains
30plants on the Western Plains

2. Gardening on the Western Plains

32the importance of indigenous plants
34gardening with Western Plains flora
38growing in containers
40creating a Western Plains nursery
44growing Western Plains lawns
48windbreaks on the western plains
50attracting birds to your garden
54attracting butterflies to your garden
58creating a frog-friendly garden
62creating a reptile-friendly garden

3. The Plants

66trees and shrubs
106aquatics and wetland species
122grasses and tussocks
134wildflowers, low shrubs and climbers


190living models for revegetation
206indigenous plant suppliers
207useful contacts
208legislations and permits
209useful plant lists
212further reading
215places to see plants
216index of botanical and common names