The Plant Table

Each month members are encouraged to take small (or large!) cuttings of native plants from their gardens and place them on a table on arrival. The plant table is an opportunity for members to show what native plants they are growing and which native plants are currently flowering in their gardens.

Every month the plant table looks different, with Spring being particularly spectacular. But whatever the month, there are always many native plants in flower so it is always a beautiful show.

To see our plant table displays, turn up to our monthly meetings.

After giving the presentation, the guest speaker is asked to choose from the table what she or he considers to be the 'plant of the month'. This could be the guest speaker's favourite plant or what she or he considers to be the best, most unusual, or interesting specimen. The owner of the chosen plant often tells the members something of the history of the plant and chooses one of the raffle plants donated by members of the group, as the prize.

After the raffle of donated plants, members have the opportunity to:

Click here to see digital images from the past Spring plant table.