Seed Bank


Packets of seed are free to members, and are available during monthly meetings *. There is a wide range of seeds in the seed bank, including many hardy and vigorous medium shrubs. There is also a variety of bush food species, some interesting small ornamental eucalypt seed and some hardy wattles.

Members can also order seeds (up to 6 packets per quarter) from APS VIC by contacting Seed Bank Curator (see APSVIC website or Growing Australian magazine for contact detail)

Seed can be sown at any time of year in potting mix covered with a little coarse sand. Spring and Autumn are generally good times to sow seed due to the night-day temperature variation. Some seeds will not come up in excessively warm temperatures, and some species (particularly Banksias, Dryandras and Hakeas) will germinate best when nights are cold and days are warm. More specific information on seed germination and collection can be obtained from other Keilor Plains members.

Don't be afraid to try growing your own plants, you will be surprised how easy seed germination really is.

For our latest seedbank list, click here.

*Please note that seeds are only available to members of the Keilor Plains Group and only available at the monthly meetings. Seeds are not available to non-members and are not sent by mail.

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